Adult Recognition

Our adult volunteers work tirelessly to provide a great Scouting program to our youth. To thank them, the BSA and Gamehaven Council offer many awards to recognize their sacrifice and skill. Learn more about all National recognitions by going to the BSA Awards Central, or scroll further to learn about our common awards and council-specific awards.

Congratulations to the following volunteers who have received recognition in 2023:


Glenn Leckband
Troop 82-B, Rochester

Steven Droog
Pack 350, Owatonna


Ronda Marshall
Troop 82-G, Hiawatha District

Andy Neuvirth
Troop 80-B, Hiawatha District

Eric Reuss
Troop 355, Wakpaota District


Paul Cmiel
Troop 82-B, Hiawatha

Lisa Feenstra
Troop 82-G, Hiawatha

Matt Gurtner
Troop 110, Hiawatha

Eric Goddard
Pack 110, Hiawatha

Andrew Knight
Troop 56, Hiawatha

Nate Early
Pack 32, Wakpaota District


Isaac Hruska
Troop 231, Wakpaota

Bennett Thomas
Troop 32- Red Wing


Nancy Droog (P 350) 5 years

Andrew Knight (T 56) 5 years

Kristine Kundert (T 56) 5 years

Virginia Sears (P 498) 5 years

Matt Spitzer (T 56) 5 years

Matthew Kitzmann (P 156) 10 years

Shelly McCrady-Spitzer (T 56) 10 years

Matt Read (P 80) 20 years

Steve Droog (P 350) 35 years

Mark Keith (T 498) 50 years

Walt Borland (T 355) 65 years

Franklin Jones (Hiawatha District) 65 years


The Silver Beaver award is the highest award the Council can bestow upon a registered volunteer Scouter in recognition of distinguished service to the council and its youth. Nomination will not only be judged on their outstanding volunteer service at the Council level, but their overall service to youth. 

The Silver Beaver Awards are presented during the Council Annual Awards Dinner each year. Nominations for the 2023 Silver Beaver Awards are due no later than June 30, 2023. 

Nominations should be mailed or dropped off at:

Gamehaven Council

607 E Center St. 

Rochester, MN 55904


The District Award of Merit is a Council Award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by Councils.  The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. The award is made available annually on the basis of 1 of each 25 traditional units or fraction thereof.

The District Awards of Merit are presented during the District Award dinner or the Council Annual Awards dinner each year.  Nominations for the 2023 District Award of Merit are due no later than March 1,2023

Nomations should be mailed or dropped off at:

Gamehaven Council

607 E Center St

Rochester, MN 55904