Youth Protection Policy Update

The safety of youth is of the utmost importance, and it is the responsibility of everyone in Scouting to ensure their safety. As such the Gamehaven Council continually reviews and updates its policies utilizing best practices found throughout the country. 

This policy will ensure all Direct Contact Leaders have and maintain current Youth Protection Training (YPT)Positions considered Direct Contact Leaders include: Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Merit Badge Counselors, Nova Counselors, and Supernova Mentors. Last year, the Council implemented a check to ensure Direct Contact Leaders are current in YPT on August 1st and all Leaders are current in YPT at the time of Unit Renewal. This month, we will begin to roll out monthly checks for Direct Contact Leaders.

Monthly, starting June 2024, individuals with YPT expiring in the next 90 days will receive an email from the Council instructing them to complete the training. Unit Key 3s will receive an email notifying them if a Direct Contact Leader in their unit will have their YPT expire in the next 30 days.

Monthly, starting July 2024, Direct Contact Leaders who are not currently YPT trained will have their membership suspended effective immediately. An email will be sent to the effected individuals as well as their Unit Key 3 Leaders explaining that in order to resume meeting with youth, they must submit a copy of their YPT Certificate to Pam Legried and that individuals with a suspended membership who continue, or knowingly allow a suspended individual, to meet with youth could face additional consequences per National BSA policy.

As a reminder, all new leaders are required to submit a completed Adult Application, pass our Criminal Background Check, and complete YPT before they are registered and meet with youth.