From the Desk of the Registrar: Scoutbook Migration

In advance of the June 5, 2024 Grade rollover and updates to the Cub Scout Program, National BSA- now Scouting America- moved many of the tools from Scoutbook over to Scoutbook Plus (Internet Advancement). You will be directed to Scoutbook Plus to track advancements, but for some other functions, you will be directed to traditional Scoutbook. This happens automatically and the data is shared between the two user interfaces. Following is a link to a guide for an introduction to Scoutbook Plus:

For Cub Scout Scoutbook Admins who have access to the tool of Advancing Dens to the next rank, I have included a document linked below for how to do this in Scoutbook Plus. It’s best to do this function on a laptop or desktop computer where your browser will have the room to provide the tools available in the program.